MasterPro Auto owner, James "Mike" Carroll,
has been working on cars his entire life.
From tinkering around with his dad in the
back yard, he went on to join the Air Force,
where he recieved his first formal mechanic
training and experience, repairing and
servicing jet refueling tankers.

During the following 25 years,Mike worked
at independant repair shops as well as
Ford Dealers. In 2016, he completed
the highest level of technician certification
available with Ford Motor Company...
Senior Master Technician.

In addition to mechanical experience, Mike
has also held several management positions,
including Shop Foreman for Salem's
local Ford Dealership.

​As a shop owner, Mike continues to turn
wrenches while supervising and inspecting
all work done by our trained¬†​technicians,
ensuring quality repairs done right every time.

Meet The Team
  1. Mike Carroll
    Mike Carroll
    Owner/Lead Technician
  2. Sheila Carroll
    Sheila Carroll
    Service Writer/Comptroller
  3. Patrick Amos
    Patrick Amos
    Certified Technician