1. Electronic Engine Diagnosis
    Electronic Engine Diagnosis
    Warning Light Diagnosis: Check Engine ABS/Tire Air Bag & Safety Restraint Air Suspension
  2. Engine Repair
    Engine Repair
    Running Problems/Misses/No Starts Timing Chains/Belts/Guides Alternator/Battery/Fuel Pumps Engine Repair/Replace Oil Leaks/Oil Pumps/Strainers
  3. Power Steering
    Power Steering
    Fluid Leaks Noise Issues P/S Pumps Rack & Pinions Tie Rods/CV Shafts
  4. Cooling System
    Cooling System
    Coolant Leaks/Hoses Radiators/Water Pumps Fans/Thermostats Running Hot Issues Cylinder Head/Gaskets
  5. Air Conditioning/Heating
    Air Conditioning/Heating
    System Leak Detection/Charging A/C Compressor/Condenser A/C Evap Core/Heater Core A/C Lines/Dryer Auto Temp Control Issues
  6. Transmission/4WD/Suspension
    Trans Rebuild/Repair (Ford Make Only) 4WD Diagnosis and Repair Shocks/Struts/Air Suspension Control Arms Links/Ball Joints
  7. Brakes/Wheels
    Brakes/Rotors Calipers Master Cylinders Hubs/Bearings ABS Diagnosis
  8. Scheduled Maintenance
    Scheduled Maintenance
    Per Manufacturer/Model Specs Access To Service Bulletins Access To Recall Notices Top 10 Fixes (National Database)
  9. Pre-Purchase Inspection
    Pre-Purchase Inspection
    Peace Of Mind Before You Buy Bumper To Bumper Inspection Recommended Services/Issues Free Estimate On Needed Repairs